FAQ for Conspiracy Theorists

Do you use the name Marci Sheen to troll people on Facebook?

No, I have a life.

Are you trying to stay on the board as part of your quest to make everyone gay?

That’s not how being gay works.

Also, I am far too busy with my quest to find the holy grail, but the French are making progress slow.

Lastly, I believe D211 students and families should have equal access to the incredible opportunities we provide, regardless of who they love or how they identify. If that makes you mad, I suggest you handle your anger in a way that doesn’t limit your neighbors’ civil rights.

Did you commit voter fraud in 2019?

No, I crushed it fair and square.

Did you commit voter fraud in 2017 when you and your sister formed a PAC to campaign for candidates running for school board?

No, I worked my butt off knocking doors every weekend to explain to voters why I supported experienced, reasonable candidates over inexperienced partisan ones. My sister and I did form a PAC in 2017 and we raised more funds than we ever wanted or thought possible.

I learned a lot from that experience, the most important one being: never do it again.

That’s why I only raised $2600 when I ran my own campaign in 2019, all through small donations from individuals who believed in me. I don’t take money from PACs or special interest groups (including unions), and I plan to raise even less this time around.

I enjoy knitting sweaters
Did you call someone the “high priestess of the order of moron” on Facebook in 2017?

Yes, and I shouldn’t have. It was rude. Facebook and other social media companies profit off human conflict by incentivizing our worst behaviors and I stopped participating in it years ago. Life is short, time is precious, and I no longer spend any of mine looking at websites designed to make me feel angry or afraid. Instead, I knit sweaters.

Do you have a podcast where you groomed children for sexual abuse?

I used to make a wildly successful podcast called Six Minute Sex Ed.

I made the podcast for parents and their kids to listen to together, encouraging open conversations about sex and relationship topics; one of the best ways to protect kids from abuse.

You can listen to two episodes of the show below.

Using the word “grooming” to dehumanize people you disagree with is morally bankrupt. It profoundly disrespects the experience of survivors of childhood sexual abuse and those doing it should be ashamed of themselves.

I made this incredible tuxedo

I no longer make the podcast because I decided to put that time toward other projects, like sewing and knitting beautiful clothes.

Did the Illinois Family Institute, a political organization that lobbies to impose their version of Christianity onto citizens, name you the worst school board member in the state of Illinois?

Yes! I’ve won that award three years in a row and with your vote, I’ll win it again.

Kimberly Cavill for D11

Thank you for voting

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